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They come to us with infirmities, disabilities, emotional baggage or all of the above. Each Sunshine Gang member has their own unique story. From time to time we'll share the story of a Sunshine Gang member here, on their HOME PAGE.
This photo was taken on September 3, 2009. That was the day we brought him home from the Humane Society where he had been a resident for 8 weeks. We were told that he was about 12 years old and was removed from a neglectful owner. He was scheduled for euthanasia because they deemed him to be unadoptable due to his age, chronic skin problem, loose bowel movements, occassional vomiting, and he failed every socialization test they gave him. He was also food aggressive and growled and nipped at the volunteers.Thankfully one of our directors was aware of Odie's plight and we were able to liberate him. He was a stinking mess when we first laid eyes on him but he was very happy to see us - sloppy doggie kisses don't lie!
Here he is one month later on 10/3/2009. Neutered. Dewormed. Dental work complete. Gaining weight. Hair growing back. On a homemade totally grain free diet. NO food aggression or any bad behaviors. Getting along with all of the Sunshine Gang and with every human he meets. Yes, he is a senior citizen (~14 years old), has arthritis in his back and hips, has cataracts, and is partially deaf but he is a HAPPY CAMPER!
11/3/2009 Two months after arrival at URAH. His skin is clear and nice shiny hair has grown in. Arthritis symptoms and digestive symptoms controlled with diet and supplements. Odie continues to gain weight.
4/15/2010 Seven months after arrival at URAH. He's definitely 'moved in'. His tail is always wagging. He's as good as he can be. It's smooth sailing from now on until the time comes for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge.
10/16/2009 with a couple of his buddies waiting to go outside - Tribble the cat and Blizzard the Great Pyrenees
10/18/2009 Hangin' out with Blizzard
10/18/2009 Enjoying the evening Perkl Color Therapy session with canine friends Blizzard and Ted E Bear, and feline pals Tribble and Buzzie.
Unlimited Rainbows Animal Haven is dedicated to all of our animal friends - past, present and to come. We are eternally grateful for the countless rainbows and sun-shiney days they give us.
Odie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early Spring of 2011.
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